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CalabashLabs works on business solutions that help firms make data-driven decisions in order to execute seamless campaigns to acquire new customers. We are a lean, hands on team of design and tech professionals who work to bring results and value to users and ultimately, customers. That is why we need you. Bring your energy and talent to CalabashLabs. We will put it to good use.

    Our work is guided by the following essential principles:
  • Drive
  • Integrity
  • Positive attitudes
  • Willingness to go that extra mile
  • A need to leave a clear footprint

Full-Stack Developer

AngularJs/ReactJs, NodeJs, ASp.Net/Java, SQL Server/MySQL, JQuery, CSS

Frontend Developer (UI/UX)

Experienced Front-end developer. HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Photoshop Expert.

iOS Developer

Experienced iOS Developer with experience in Mobile, Tablet, and Wearable.

Android Developer

Experienced Android Developer.

Social Media Expert

Expert in Content Creation & Social Media Marketing, SEO.

We Value Our Clients

We collaborate to create innovative products and experiences that provide value for millions of users. We work with industry leading brands to launch mobile apps, websites, ecommerce platforms, and web applications.



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We’re approachable! You won't be speaking to a hard-nosed salesperson. Even if you don’t choose us for your project, at the very least, set up an initial chat. We will help you solidify your concept.